Saturday, July 4, 2015

America's 1st Lady of Sewing - Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross is one of America's most honored seamstresses, however most of what you may have learned in school about her and the creation of the American flag is most likely myth. 
Legend states that George Washington visited Betsy Ross in Philadelphia with a sketch of a flag that he wanted made. Betsy was a standout with the scissors and she demonstrated to George how to cut a five-pointed star in a single snip. Legend goes on to say that he was impressed and then asked her to sew the 1st American Flag. 
The truth of the story is that there is no solid evidence of who made the very first flag, but history credits Betsy Ross with making the first stars and stripes flag. She was a successful upholsterer and produced flags for the government for over 50 years. She was a skilled artisan, who represented the many women who supported their families during the Revolution and early Republic.
One of my most favorite photos of the 'birth' of the American flag is shown below. It depicts so much of what I love about sewing: the act of creating, community and fellowship with others who share that same passion that I have. May God bless sewing and may God Bless America!
Have a blessed 4th of July!

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