Friday, April 1, 2016

Why I love the {classics}

I love classic sewing because the design is relatively unchanged by time - it's as good now, as it was then. The word "classic" means something that is a perfect example of a particular style, something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality. 
This is a photo of me when I was a little girl, wearing a smocked dress...a timeless classic! I went to a public school and girls had to wear dresses everyday till I was in about 5th grade. I remember wearing smocked dresses year round. Yes, no matter what season, and get this - I lived in the Mid-West!

I lived where winters were common to get 10 to 12 inches of snow and schools never closed. Sidewalks were shoveled and we didn't have school buses - we walked to school uphill the whole way no matter what the weather was. I remember putting bread bags over my patent leather shoes and slipping my shoed feet into my "shoe boots". I remember pulling on my "leggings" and wrapping my face in a wool scarf and trudging to school in nasty blizzard-like conditions or even pouring rain. Yes, people, like me, who tell these stories are telling the truth! I remember slush everywhere in the hallways after we shed all our winter outerwear and the janitors mopping up all the slush after we were in our classrooms. I say all this because I often read where some use the excuse of climate for why they don't heirloom or classic sew for their children or grands. Even with seasons set aside, many think that classic heirloom is "old fashioned" or "out-dated". I don't get it. There are others who think that the classic heirloom styles are only for those who live south of the Mason-Dixon Line or Deep South. I don't get it. Classic & heirloom styles have no boundaries!

What I love about fashion trends right now is that leggings are so in style. You can make a darling smocked or even heirloom garment, team it with a pair of leggings and even a cute cardigan and have a darling ensemble that is both timeless and trendy, all the while keeping the littles warm on a cold day! 

Lace is crazy in style these days and it just takes a little creativity to take a classic pattern or heirloom style and make it trendy! I have seen heirloom garments paired with cowboy boots and it's adorable! Lace has no boundaries! Look at the current fashion trends - lace is ever so popular!
I challenge you to take a classic heirloom style that you feel is "old fashioned" or "out-dated" and get creative with it - bring it up to the current trend, if you want, all the while keeping that heirloom look with laces, pintucks or smocking - I promise you that you will get others asking you where you got that gorgeous ensemble!

So why do I love the classics? I love the classics because they are timeless - you can style and restyle them in many ways to keep up with the trends or keep a traditional look and both will last thru the generations and always be in style! Even damaged or stained "old-fashioned" heirloom garments can be taken apart and re-fashioned to newer garments. I have done this and I have sewing friends who have done the same!

I would love for you to stop over to my Facebook page and share your classic creations! Let's start a huge revival of all the classic styles and get this new generation of sewistas to fall in love with the timeless classics in a whole new way!


Ann said...

Just found your inspiring. I love those classic styles too.

janie said...


Kay Noble said...

Love how you restored those precious little baby dresses. My mom had a box of those after her children were grown and gave them away, not knowing how much I loved them. The hand work and little shell buttons were just so dear. I admire your talent and love for your work.


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