Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Little Liberty Love

Why is it that the most expensive fabrics are always my favorite? I have my favorites in classic heirloom fabrics, many of which I have rolled on bolts in my sewing studio just waiting for that "special garment", and it sometimes takes a that to even cut into some of these wonderful fabrics! 
Once you get hooked on "the good stuff", it makes it impossible to turn back, it becomes your "go-to" and you just make the investment, knowing that excellent quality fabric is what makes the garment become an heirloom that will last thru generations. 
Liberty of London is one of my favorites and I've completely fallen in love with the luxurious silky feel of this fabric! Of course it's expensive, because it's known as the "good stuff". Every once in while tho, I find a deal on Liberty and I order yardage to just save for something special, other times I see a print that I just have to have, no matter how much it costs!
I recently dug into my Liberty stash to use with a vintage pattern from my collection. I could just envision what this dress would look like using this print and I couldn't wait to get started! 
I was eager to get started and carefully laid out each pattern piece to make best use of my fabric, meaning that I work hard to not waste it. It seems I was a little too eager and after cutting all the pieces out, I realized that I had cut every.single.piece out the wrong way on the fabric. I failed to notice that there is an up and a down to the fabric print.
Notice how little hearts seems to be the under-theme of this fabric? Every flower has little hearts - isn't that cute? Well, my little dress was about to have every single heart hang upside-down. I could have sat there and cried! I tried to convince myself that no one would even notice such detail and I could go ahead and just sew the dress up. But no, the perfectionist in me would never-ever do that! I sat there configuring the fabric I had left - could I cut out new pieces and fix this problem? Nope, wasn't possible. Lucky for me I own 2 sizes of the little vintage pattern that I was planning to use and I had cut out the larger of the two sizes. Maybe, just maybe I could cut out new pieces using the smaller size and making use of the pieces I had already cut. Yes! that proved to be the solution to my careless mistake! Whew!
The pattern I used is very similar to the out of print Children's Corner Candace, which is next to impossible to locate. If you find it, expect to pay as much as $88!
The pattern I used is a little older than the Children's Corner version, but very similar and just as cute! This is another pattern that is next to impossible to locate - lucky for me I have in my stash two sizes!
Here is my finished Little Liberty of London pleated dress.

I used the tiniest of lace trim around the collar, sleeve cuffs and yokes

Just for fun I used cotton lace insertion on the hem
Back to the sewing studio for more stitching...until next time...


Esther Conrad Grant said...

Love this, Laurie and the fabric is divine!

Leo's Man and Van said...

This looks great, Laurie!
Do you sell your work online?


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