Saturday, February 4, 2017

vintage-inspired h e i r l o o m s

There is something so nostalgic about vintage baby garments that just captivates me. It not only captivates me, but it inspires me! I think it's the attention to detail and design that just makes me want to seek more information about it; what era it came from, techniques used, how those techniques were created and in a few cases, maybe even who the garment belonged to. 
I have been collecting vintage baby garments for years and many of the garments from my collection came from family, which makes them even more special! With each of those garments, I like to inspect them closely and in doing so, I can learn something about the person behind the design and also the hands that created it. That, in itself, has inspired me to turn my sewing business to a new path in re-creating vintage garments and teaching some of the techniques I learn from inspecting those garments and then add my own little personalization in design to it. 
With the use of home embroidery machines, we can so easily re-create hand embroidery that must have taken someone years months, weeks or days to work on a sweet little gown. Digitizing embroidery from some of these vintage garments can take many-many hours, as some are very intricate.
Drafting a pattern from a vintage garment is also extremely time-consuming and there is so much trial and error involved and countless stitch-outs till you get it just right. Often times I have to walk away from a pattern draft and leave it for hours, days, weeks and even months before I tackle it again. It is, however, so rewarding once you get it to where you are satisfied and stitch everything out and re-create a garment from yesteryear for today!
That love of design from days gone by has inspired me to create my new line of vintage-inpired designs and patterns, called 
Southern Stitches vintage-inspired h e i r l o o m series pattern eBooks are a new and unique pattern series not available anywhere else. My new series includes a one of a kind unique ePattern created from an actual vintage garment. Each series includes special heirloom sewing technique instructions along with unique machine embroidery designs, all  with vintage-inspired patterns.
My new vintage-inspired h e i r l o o m series pattern eBooks will sometimes have patterns that are appropriate for both boys and girls in the same pattern. Bonus patterns may be included in the series, which will give you multiple options to make many different styles within the one pattern!
Southern Stitches vintage-inspired h e i r l o o m series 1 is now available! Everything (and more!) in the photo above was created from the series 1 eBook! You can get more information about what is included in series 1 and order the instant download HERE!


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