Thursday, April 27, 2017

attaching entredeux and lace to fabric

It's been awhile since I have posted on my blog and figured today is a good day for not only a post, but a new tutorial!
Attaching entredeux and lace to fabric
I am certainly no expert in the heirloom sewing field, but I know what works for me and I do like to share my techniques. I hope that it will answer some questions and help those who are wondering about this beautiful heirloom sewing technique. 
I have used several techniques over the years and often times it depends on what I am making in which way I sew entredeux and lace to fabric. I, no doubt have other methods I used posted within this blog from years back that may or may not be this same method.

Step 1: Lay entredeux on fabric right sides together and straight stitch

Make sure your stitching is smack dab next to the entredeux!

Once stitched, it should look like this!
Step 2: Take to your ironing board and press.
Press so that seam selvage falls on fabric side, not towards entredeux
Fold back out and trim seam to 1/8". 

Using a rotary cutter gives you a cleaner edge!
 Step 3: Set your machine to zig-zag, 3W and 1.70L

As you stitch, you should get a perfect rolled hem!
Once stitching is complete you should have a nice neat edge, 
finished off with a rolled hem!
So pretty!

Step 4: Press again, then clip away fabric from the entredeux

Be careful not to cut into the satin edge of the entredeux!
 I have found that the best "stitch'n ditch" to use is cheap 1-ply toilet tissue
and I always keep a roll on my sewing table!
yes! that is toilet tissue!!
 Bernina foot #10 - if you have another brand machine, you should have a foot
similar to this, where there is a blade in the center.
there really is a blade there!
 Using a zig-zag stitch, with the same settings as above, you will
line up the edge of the entredeux and lace between the blade.
Needle should swing back and forth from entredeux to lace!
As you stitch, the entredeux and lace will be joined together
with a neat zig-zag stitch 
Needle should go into the open hole of the entredeux
All done and so pretty!
 Remove the tissue - any paper residue should easily come off,
otherwise will be washed away when garment is washed.
 Completed entredeux to lace - it's as easy as that!
It's just THAT easy!
As always, if you have any questions, just email me or post on my Facebook page!


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janie said...

Great tutorial! You give me bravery 🙂. Can you do a tutorial on joining a raglan sleeve garment with entredeaux? Do you trim the pattern down because of the extra insert or is the enredeaux not wide enough to matter?


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